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Despite this site being primarily about Japanese rice cookers we also want to provide as complete information as we can. So with that in mind we want to mention the Aroma ARC-838TC rice cooker which in not actually Japanese but is manufactured by the Aroma Housewares Company based in San Diego. This is a great rice cooker if you want to start eating more rice but do not want to buy an expensive appliance. This is a basic model BUT to cook plain brown or white rice it has all the functionality you need.

This rice cooker from Aroma is a fairly large model that can cook up to 8 cups of rice at one time. This is enough to feed about 12 people. If you do not need a rice cooker this size, you could instead buy an Aroma ARC-733G which is a 3 cup rice cooker. The Aroma ARC-838TC certainly looks more basic than many of the top of the range Japanese rice cookers. However you have to ask yourself how much functionality you really need. My Zojirushi rice cooker has settings for normal rice, a speed cook setting, rice porridge and one for rice with red beans as well as a warming setting that can be used to keep the rice ready to be eaten for up to 12 hours. After living in Japan for over 5 years, I have only actually used the first of the cooking settings and the warming functionality.

U.S. made Aroma ARC-838TC rice cooker

The Aroma ARC-838TC appears to have just the basic options of cooking and warming. For me, that’s all I really need. So before going out and splashing over $100 on a luxury rice cooker, think about a cheaper model from a U.S. company and consider buying an Aroma ARC-838TC rice cooker. At under $35 they are a very affordable entry model into the world of rice cooking. You can find a host of cheap rice cookers on Amazon. They are a great place to find the best price.

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