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Black & Decker RC3303

The Black and Decker RC3303 is possibly the cheapest rice cooker available today. Firstly, you can probably tell that this model is not a Japanese rice cooker. However while this site is primarily about Japanese rice cookers I still want to write about the best value rice cooking machines available today so therefore had to include a Black & Decker RC3303 review.

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This machine makes it easy for you to quickly prepare restaurant quality rice at home. It is a very simple rice cooking machine to use. The Black & Decker RC3303 has a 3 cup rice cooking capability. This is aperfect size for couples or people living alone. All you have to do is add some rice, measure the appropriate amount of water, then make sure to was the rice thoroughly and finally turn the unit on with a simple press of the switch.

When the rice is ready, the machine will automatically switch over to its warming setting. This maintains your rice at an ideal serving temperature without over cooking or drying it out. On top of this, the Black & Decker RC3303 has a removable nonstick pot which ensures that your food comes out easily and you are able to quickly clean up after use.

The Black & Decker RC3303 has some other features including lights that indicate what mode the machine is in, either “cook” or “keep warm”; handles that do not heat up even when the machine is turned on; and a glass lid which allows you to see what is going on inside. The glass lid is useful when you are cooking things like vegetables so you can see their progress.

Even though this machine is not a Japanese rice cooker, I hope you have found this Black & Decker RC3303 review useful.

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