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For anyone who wants one of the best rice cookers there are two points that are very important to remember, a) Japanese rice cooker and b) Micom rice cooker. If you choose to buy a Panasonic SR-MS102 you will be pleased to know that this model fulfills both of these criteria and then some. Rather than just being a standard Micom rice cooker it actually has a Fuzzy Logic component. This means its classification is an “advanced Micom” rice cooker.

You can purchase the Panasonic SR-MS102 on Amazon for the lowest price online. They actually offer the machine for less than the Panasonic homepage! So if you want the best price Panasonic SR-MS102 you can find online, Amazon are a great place to compare prices.

The Panasonic SR-MS102 is a 5 cup rice cooker. This is a mid-sized machine that is good for family use. While it is cooking it uses 835 watts and then at keep warm 52 watts of electricity.

If you buy a Panasonic SR-MS102 you can use it for much more than cooking rice. Of course, this is its primary function but it also comes with a steaming tray which makes it perfect for cooking vegetables in the most healthy way possible. Also, there are a host of different cooking settings, not all of them for rice. For example it has a host of different programmable menu options such as White, Brown, Sticky, Quick Cook, Slow Cook, Cake and Porridge. As you can see, there is also a slow cooker setting which makes it perfect for making soups and stews and you can even make cakes in a Panasonic SR-MS102. All these functions help to make it one of the most versatile rice cookers on the market today.

As with most rice cookers that are produced these days it has a removable inner lid. This is really an essential feature because it means you can get it completely clean after use.

This rice cooker is in the same price range as the Zojirushi NS-TGC10 and the Sanyo ECJ-HC55H so these are two other machines to look at if you want to buy a Panasonic SR-MS102.

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