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The Panasonic SR-MS182 has the same technical specifications as the Panasonic SR-MS102. The only difference is that the rice cooker featured on this page is slightly more expensive due to being a larger machine. The SR-MS182 is a 10 cup rice cooker while the SR-MS102 has a 5 cup capacity. Larger rice cookers like this one are good if you have a big family to feed or often have a need to cook more than 5 cups of un-cooked rice. You might think it is worth getting a large rice cooker just in case. However this is not always the best idea. Rice cookers work best, in other words make the best rice, when they are filled to at least 1/3 of their capacity. Therefore in a 10 cup machine you want to be cooking over 3 cups of rice at a minimum for it to come out as well as it can. This is something you should consider while looking for a rice cooker to purchase. Biggest is not always best.

You can compare prices of a number of Panasonic rice cookers on Amazon. They usually have a lower price than the Panasonic homepage itself. They are the online retailer where you can find the best deals.

The Panasonic SR-MS182 is a Micom Fuzzy Logic rice cooker. Read more about the meaning of Micom here if you are not already clear what it means. If you want the best rice cooker, buying a Micom is your only option.

This rice cooker can do much more than just cook rice. For example it has a slow cooker setting which makes it perfect for making soups as well as stews. You can even make cakes with this device. Also it comes with a steaming basket so that you can prepare delicious, healthy steamed vegetables for the whole family. Of course it has a host of different rice cooking settings as well.

If you need a big rice cooker that cooks great rice at a reasonable price, this Panasonic SR-MS182 is definitely one to consider. You may also be interested in the Zojirushi NS-TGC18 and Zojirushi NS-ZCC18. As you can see, both the Panasonic and Zojirushi models have “18” in their product item code. This indicates that they are 10 cup rice cookers. You can compare their prices on Amazon.

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