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More and more people in North America are deciding to buy a rice cooker. Part of the reason is that it is recognised that Japanese diets are very healthy. Rice makes up a large part of the food eaten in the Far East so now people in the West are looking to get the health benefits from eating rice. So if you have decided that you want to make your own rice at home you have a lot of research to do to find out which is the best rice cooker for you.

There are a host of Japanese rice cookers and then some make by U.S. companies as well. Japanese brands include Sanyo, Hitachi, Toshiba, Panasonic, Tiger and Zojirushi. It is the last two that have the best reputation in Japan itself for being the best products. It is a good idea to compare prices of rice cookers on Amazon against those you find at your nearest store. Often shopping online can save you money. However an option that may be the best is to visit a shop to see what machines are available and view them with your own eyes. Then if you find one you like, just remember the price and the go home. You can then check if the same model is available for a cheaper price on the internet. This way you know what you are going to be buying and you can get it for the best price.

When deciding which rice cooker to get there are various questions that you have to answer, for example:

  • What size do you need?
  • What brand do you like?
  • How much can you afford?
  • What do you want to cook?

There are other things that you may want to address too. However these four questions above provide a good starting point from which to make your rice cooker purchasing decision.

There are typically three sizes of rice cooker, 3 cup, 5 1/2 cup and 10 cup machines. The smallest size is great for anyone living alone as well as couples and small families. The mid-sized rice cookers are good for families and can feed up to ten people at once. Finally the larger machines are good if you like to cook for a lot of people. They can feed up to eighteen mouths.

As discussed above, there are many different Japanese brands to choose from, U.S. based companies such as Aroma and Black & Decker also produce budget rice cookers. These may be suitable for students or anyone else looking for a low cost rice cooker.

There are rice cookers to suit any budget. They range from under $20 to over $400. The more you spend, the more options and fancy technology your machine will have. For example, the Zojirushi company has a range of technologies that it uses including, Micom, Neuro Fuzzy, Induction Heating. Pressure cooking. If you are asking “What does Micom mean?” the answer is  Micro Computerized. This is a special chip set that controls the machines’ operation.

Also, the types of rice that you want to prepare will have a bearing on the machine that you require. The Zojirushi Rizo rice cooker is the only one that can may risotto. While if you want to make GABA brown rice the NP-HBC10 might be suitable.

There are a wide range of rice cookers to choose from. Why not browse the full range?

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