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The only people who should choose to buy a Zojirushi NS-TGC18 rice cooker, or any 10 cup rice cooker for that matter are those of you who will regularly be cooking for six or more people. 10 cup rice cookers are the largest sized machines designed for home use. If you want a smaller version of this machine you should buy a Zojirushi NS-TGC10 which is the 5 1/2 cup version. This is smaller device can make enough rice for up to ten people. While the larger NS-TGC18 can make enough for eighteen people. You will notice that the numbers at the end of their product codes indicates the number of mouths they can feed.

The NS-TGC range are Micom rice cookers. They are amongst Zojirushi’s cheapest Micro Computerized devices. What does Micom mean? Click the link for more information.

Both the NS-TGC10 and NS-TGC18 have flat bottomed cooking bowls. The majority of Zojirushi machines have a sperical inner cooking bowl. Some people may prefer the flat bottom but to be honest, I would say that a spherical bottomed cooking bowl is better. This should provide more even heating for your rice.

One feature that makes the NS-TGC range attractive for some is that they have a cake making setting. It may seem strange to think that you can make cakes in a rice cooker but with these two machines, you actually can. There is also a smaller 3 cup rice cooker, the NS-VGC05 that has this setting too. These are the only Zojirushi rice cookers with this feature.

To find the best price for the Zojirushi NS-TGC18 you should compare prices on Amazon. They are a great place to find the lowest prices online.

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