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To find the cheapest Zojirushi Rizo rice cooker it is a good idea to compare the best price you can find with that on Amazon. They offer some of the lowest prices online and when you combine this with their reputation it is no surprise that so many shoppers trust them.

The Zojirushi Rizo rice cooker and warmer is a 3 cup machine. It looks different from their normal rice cooking appliances. This is because it was designed by an award winning product designer called Toshiyuki Kita. It is a very easy machine to use because it makes use of simple one touch cooking options. You cannot actually cook as many different varieties of rice as other Zojirushi rice cookers. But it has a risotto setting which is unique to the Rizo. It also has settings for plain white rice, sushi rice and a steamer cycle. It also comes with a special steaming rack so that you can prepare vegetables the healthiest way.

When you buy a Zojirushi rice cooker there are some features that you come to expect. The Rizo is no different in this regard. It has a detachable inner lid, a sperical non-stick inner cooking bowl and keep warm functionality. As you can see from the images above, it is available in three different colors. The Rizo comes with a non-stick rice spatula, a spatula stand and a rice measuring cup.

The Rizo rice cooker model numbers are NS-XAC05 (stainless steel) and NS-XBC05 (white and yellow). They are Micom rice cookers which means that they are Micro Computerized. They also make use of Zojirushi’s Fuzzy Logic technology which helps to ensure that every rice grain is cooked equally.

This is one of the simplest Zojirushi rice cookers to use and is perfect for making enough rice for up to five people at once. If you are searching for the lowest price Rizo, we recommend shopping on Amazon.

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