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Sanyo ECJ-S35K 3 cup rice cooker

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This is a really neat little rice cooker that has an interesting feature. You can use it to cook bread too! It is available in both white and black. As with most of the best Japanese rice cookers this Sanyo ECJ-S35K has both a removable inner lid and steam vent to facilitate easy cleaning. It is actually a cheaper than buying a Zojirushi NS-LAC05 which makes it a machine well worth considering. I usually advocate buying Zojirushi rice cookers but this little model from Sanyo has some exciting features that make me want to try it out.

Its inner pot is extra thick at 5mm. The thicker the cooking bowl, the more evenly heat will be distributed which should then lead to better and more evenly cooked rice. There are a host of different kinds of rice that can be prepared with this device including white, mixed, rinse-free, brown, sprouted brown, quick and sweet, as well as rice porridge and the Korean specialty dish of Dol Sot Bi Bim Bab. Then there is also the bread making setting. It would be interesting to compare the bread you can make in this machine against specifically designed machines like the Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker. One thing that obviously will be different is the size and shape of the loaf that you can make. It is certainly a cool feature that makes it possible to reduce the amount of kitchen appliances that you have sitting on your counter tops.

If you buy a Sanyo ECJ-S35K rice cooker you also get a measuring cup and spatula. There is also a short recipe booklet that will give you plenty of ideas to get started using the machine. This is not a cheap rice cooker nor is it all that expensive. It sits around the $100 mark. This makes it a very competitive option when you compare it with similar sized Zojirushi Micom machines.

The Sanyo ECJ-S35K is also a Micom rice cooker and in fact uses Fuzzy Logic technology to guarantee that it will prepare rice with a lovely texture and great taste every time it is used. The cooking pot is very high quality. It is a spherical, titanium coated non-stick inner bowl whose thickness also helps to ensure the quality of the final product.

If you would rather have a white model of this machine you have to buy a Sanyo ECJ-S35S as opposed to the ECJ-S35K.

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