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When we look at the price of these two Zojirushi rice cookers we can see that you will pay a bit less if you buy a NS-VGC05 Micom cooker. If cost is the most important factor then this may be a better choice to make. However if you really want to save money then there are cheaper rice cookers made by Aroma and Black & Decker. However we will assume that you are interested in one of the best rice cookers. Zojirushi are the biggest seller of these machines in Japan which is a massive endorsement for their products. There are differences between the Zojirushi NS-LAC05 and the NS-VGC05 which I shall now outline.

As you can see from the pictures above they look completely different. One has a stainless steel finish while the other a beige plastic outer shell. Both of the machines have detachable inner lids which is a feature I am really keen on. It makes it so easy to clean the cooker after use. The Micom NS-LAC05 has a color LCD display whereas the other model has a standard LCD screen. They have slightly different settings as well. If you want to make cakes in your rice cooker then the NS-VGC05 is the one to go for or you could buy a NS-TGC10 which is a larger version of the NS-LAC05 as the larger one also has a cake cooking setting. But to cook brown rice you want to go for the NS-LAC05. The NS-VGC05 can also handle rinse-free rice where as the other model does not have a specific setting for this.

Both of these rice cookers are available on Amazon. You can check out more customer reviews on that site. Personally I prefer the Micom NS-LAC05 because of the way it looks and the option to cook brown rice. If you want a 3 cup rice cooker with even more options you could get a NP-GBC05. This model uses Induction Heating instead of Fuzzy Logic technology like the two devices above. It really depends how much you are prepared to spend. With Zojirushi, you really do get what you pay for. All their machines are top quality and whichever one you go for you will be more than satisfied.

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