There is sometimes confusion about the size of cup that should be used to measure out rice to be cooked in a rice cooker. But to be frank, this is not something that should really cause an issue. All Japanese rice cookers come with at least one cup and many come with two.

The regular sized cup is for measuring out nearly all kinds of rice, (e.g. white, brown). This cup has a 180ml capacity.

A slightly smaller cup is often included with machines that have a rinse free cooking option. This cup is slightly smaller at 171ml. It is only to be used for rinse free rice.

For completeness, a standard U.S. cup is exactly 236.588237ml.

So the normal rice cooker cup is 76% as large as a standard U.S. cup, which is pretty much 3/4.

You can order replacement cups from the Zojirushi website for a couple of dollars.

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