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Induction Heating (IH) rice cookers are some of the most expensive ones available. If you want to compare prices of these models then Amazon is a good place to start. They have some of the best deals online. Realistically, if you want to get an IH rice cooker then you have to pay at least $250. But it is sure to be the best rice cooker you have ever owned. All models with an Induction Heating system are of course Micom rice cookers. The IH functionality is on top of the Micom system.

3 Cup Induction Heating

The only option if you want a 3 cup appliance is the Zojirushi NP-GBC05. As I have mentioned on other articles, I own the Japanese version of this machine, the Zojirushi NP-GD05. The difference between these two machines is mainly cosmetic. The buttons and markings on my inner cooking bowl are in Japanese. Other than that they are pretty much identical.

5 1/2 Cup Induction Heating

There is more choice when you start to look at larger machines. For example in the mid-sized devices, you can choose from the following Zojirushi models: NP-HBC10, NP-KAC10 and the NP-HTC10 which also has a Pressure Cooking function. The Sanyo ECJ-JG10W has both IH and a Variable Pressure control as well but comes at about $100 cheaper than the Zojirushi.

10 Cup Induction Heating

In the 10 cup range there are the Zojirushi NP-HBC18 and NP-KAC18 to choose from. These are basically just the same as the 5 cup models but have a slightly bigger capacity.

Is Induction Heating Worth It?

Getting a rice cooker with IH functionality adds a large amount to the cost. If you want the best then this is the choice you should make. It depends on how often you will use your rice cooker. The more regularly that you cook rice, the more worth paying the extra money becomes. Particularly if you have already owned a normal Micom rice cooker, if yo step up to an IH model, you will certainly notice the difference.

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