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The three most popular Japanese rice cooker brands in the United States and Canada at the moment are Zojiurhsi, Sanyo and Panasonic. In general their machines are all top quality products. If you can afford to get one, you should definitely try to buy a Micom rice cooker. All three brands make this style of machine and there is no doubt about it, Micom rice cookers are the best. Zojirushi are probably the most well respected rice cooker manufacturer in Japan. They have a very good reputation all over the world for the quality of their rice cooking devices. This is because their business is based around the design and production of these kitchen appliances. Sanyo and Panasonic on the other hand are larger companies that make a wide range of household electronics. The interesting thing is that in the arena of rice cookers, they all have something unique to offer. Sanyo rice cookers are possibly the most versatile of the three brands. For example, the Sanyo ECJ-S35K has a bread cooking function. Also many of their machines come with steamer trays to make delicious and healthy vegetables and many of them also have a slow cooker setting. This means they are also able to make stews and soups if you like. Panasonic’s selling point is that they are possibly the most reasonably priced Micom rice cookers. So within these Japanese rice cooker brands there should be a machine to suit your needs. An important point to remember is that the size of rice cooker you choose should correlate to the number of people in your household, e.g. don’t get a 3 cup rice cooker if you have a huge family and do not buy a 10 cup rice cooker if you live alone!

Japanese Rice Cooker Brand Main Points

  • Zojirushi: solid reputation; for many people, the best Japanese rice cooker manufacturer.
  • Sanyo: most versatile rice cookers; can make loads of different foods.
  • Panasonic: top quality at the most affordable prices.

If you go to Amazon you are able to compare prices for a wide range of rice cooking appliances. Micom devices start at about $100 but if you have the money, you can pay as much as $400 if you like. To be honest, the more you spend, the better then machine you purchase will be. You really do, get what you pay for. Amazon are known for offering the lowest prices online and you can find some great deals there. Before you make your final purchasing decision it would be wise to read a range of reviews so that you can make an informed decision. You can check out a huge range of rice cooker reviews on this site for many of the models that are now on sale in the United States and Canada.

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