Order A Rice Cooker Direct From Japan

U.S. and Canadian shoppers can choose from a wide range of top quality Japanese imports. Amazon.com offers  the lowest prices that I have been able to find online. But for those of you living in the U.K, throughout Europe or in Australia and New Zealand, it is much harder to find a retalier of the best Japanese rice cookers. This is where I can help. I live in Japan and can buy an authentic Japanese rice cookers for the lowest prices from their country of origin.

If you would like to order a genuine Japanese rice cooker please send me a message using the contact form below.

The costs involved are:

  1. The purchase of a rice cooker (I order through Amazon.co.jp)
  2. Shipping costs to you (see chart below)
  3. $50 USD for my time

The potential saving you can make is that these machines in Japan are much cheaper for the same level model as you can buy in the States and Canada. But by the time you add on the other two costs above, it works out at round about the same sort of amount for an equivalent machine.

It is still going to be more economical for American customers to buy machines from American sellers. However for those of you in other countries, this gives you the chance to get your hands on one of the best rice cookers in the world.

I will act as your rice cooker consultant and help you select the most appropriate model for your needs. Then I order the machine before sending it on to you. Between placing your order and receiving your genuine Japanese rice cooker should take between 1-2 weeks.

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Rice Cooker Shipping Costs

The numbers on the left are the weights. A 3 cup rice cooker falls into the 4.0kg or 4.5kg category. Larger machines can obviously weigh more. The corresponding costs are in Japanese Yen. I usually use the XE Currency Converter to check exchange rates.

An example purchase that I can facilitate is to get the same rice cooker as I use, the Zojirushi NP-GD05.

You can check the latest price on Amazon.co.jp. Prices can fluctuate greatly but at the time of writing (November 5, 2010) the cost for this model is just under 12,000 JPY (1). The shipping charge for this model is 7,800 JPY (2). And my fee is about 4,000 JPY (3).

  1. 12,000
  2. 7,800
  3. 4,000

Total: ~24,000 JPY

Other important information that you must be aware of is that the rice cookers that I can ship overseas are electronic devices. Therefore you must take great care regarding the power supplied to them. They run at 100V; 50/60Hz; Wattage varies but can range from between 500W – 1400W. If you live in a country with 220V mains electricity then you will have to use a step down transformer. A simple converter is not an acceptable option for devices that require a constant supply of electricity for prolonged durations.


Shipping Rates Chart from Japan Post