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In this Panasonic SR-MS102 review I want to present the facts about this rice cooker so that you can make up your own mind whether this device is right for you. It is a fairly in-expensive Micom rice cooker that costs not too much over $100. So it is one of the cheapest Micom machines you can find. Other models in this price range include the Zojirushi NS-TGC10 and the Sanyo ECJ-HC55H. You can compare prices of these various models on Amazon which is the best place to find the lowest priced rice cookers online. Its Micom chip also has fuzzy logic technology and is one of the cheapest machines available that has this. You have to buy a Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 if you want a Zojirushi machine with this chip set but it is more expensive.

If you buy a Panasonic SR-MS102 you get a 5 cup rice cooker. This is a mid-sized rice cooking appliance that is good for families. It can make enough rice for up to ten people if you fill it to its full capacity. It has a wide range of different cooking settings and can actually cook much more than just rice. It has a cake cooking function as well as a slow cooker setting. The slower cooker option is great for cooking hot pots and stews. You can even use it to make soup. In addition it also comes with a steamer tray. This is useful for making healthy cooked vegetables and can also be used for seafood.

Cleaning this device when you are finished cooking is very easy. Like all high quality models these days its inner lid is removable. This may not seem like a bit issue but without it coming out, it is much harder to clean. All you have to do is wait for it to cool down and then remove it and wash it in warm soapy water.

For many of you this may well be the best rice cooker you can buy. It is not too expensive but it has a range of impressive options.

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