Rice Cooker Recipes

Living in Japan has given me plenty of opportunity to learn many genuine Japanese rice cooker recipes. At the same time, because I am from the U.K. I also like to eat Western style dishes. The main way that I use my rice cooker is to prepare all in one style dishes. I find these fairly quick and easy to prepare, easy to clean up afterwards and great tasting too!

As time permits, over the coming months, I aim to expand this list of recipes to include all the different dishes that I make with my Zojirushi Induction Heating rice cooker.

You can check out some rice cooker recipe videos on my Youtube channel.

Rice, Raw Egg & Natto – very low cost and tasty Japanese style breakfast.
Rice Porridge – Can be eaten at any time of day. Great for babies or if you have an upset stomach.


Jambalaya – this recipe was one of the first all in one style dishes that I made with my rice cooker.
Crab Rice – quick and easy Japanese style recipe using dashi stock.

Learn how to cook quinoa in a rice cooker with Wendy Polisi @ Cooking Quinoa

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