Since I moved to Japan, I have become used to eating things that seemed quite strange at first. In fact, in some cases, like eating raw eggs for instance, I actually thought it was un-healthy. There was a famous gaff by a British Member of Parliament who did a good job of turning people in the U.K. off eggs. But not everything that politicians tell us turns out to be true.

So now that I do not have any issues eating raw eggs, the recipe below is fantastic as a breakfast meal. It is very low cost, high in protein and a good source of energy to see you through until lunch time. The only thing that might be a issue is getting hold of is the natto, otherwise known as fermented soy beans.


  • white rice (1/2 cup per person)
  • natto – fermented soy beans
  • 1 raw egg

All that you have to do is put your rice into a large bowl. Add a raw egg and natto and then mix it all together. It might not look all that appealing but trust me, it tastes really good.

This can also be eaten as an evening meal. Just steam some vegetables to go along with it and you have a very low cost and healthy meal.

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