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If you want to buy a rice cooker then you might be asking the question, what does Micom mean? There are a variety of rice cookers for sale today. Some of them are Micom and some are not. If you want the best, then you definitely do want to get yourself a Micom rice cooker. So what is it?

Micom stands for Micro Computerized. This means that there is a micro chip inside the rice cooker that is responsible for cooking perfect rice. What this means in practice is that it can make changes to the length of time your rice cooks for as well as the temperature inside the cooking bowl. Reasons for changes may be to do with the stage of the cooking cycle as well as user issues like the amount of water that has been added. The Micom component can sense the internal temperature within the cooking pot. This means that it knows exactly when to switch from cook to keep warm.

Non-Micom rice cookers simply have a heating element that is either on or off. Therefore these types of devices are no where near as sophisticated as their hi tech brothers. Zojirushi and Sanyo are two Japanese electronics manufacturers that specialize in producing Micom rice cookers. This is the base level that all the best rice cookers start off at. Then there are further additional components that they sometimes include to make their machines even better. For example, if you buy a Zojirushi NP-HBC10 you get a Micom rice cooker that also has their Induction Heating System. This is a really advanced heating mechanism that actually turns the cooking bowl into the source of heat. Sanyo also have some pretty cool features. So if you get a Sanyo ECJ-PX50S you not only buy a Micom rice cooker but one that also has a pressure cooking function that helps improve the texture of your rice.

I hope this information has helped you understand the meaning of Micom so that you can make a more informed decision about which rice cooker to purchase.

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