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The rice cookers featured on this page are all 3 cup models. These are perfect for students or anyone who likes to make straightforward one pot meals. The 3 cup size is sufficient for a small family and of course couples and people living alone. They are sometimes called single serving rice cookers. If you are looking for a cheap rice cooker then the three above all fit the bill. The Panasonic SRG06FG is a Japanese rice cooker while the Black & Decker RC3303 and Aroma ARC-733G are made by U.S. firms.

One of the models above may well be the best rice cooker for your needs. The quality of the finished rice that they produce may not be quite as high as say a Zojirushi or Tiger machine. However for the amount you are paying, you are getting a very reasonably priced appliance that can cook decent rice. All the machines pictured above are available for less than $30. Visit Amazon for the latest prices. There is not too much of a difference between the quality of rice that these machines can cook. So which one to get comes down to which brand you prefer the look of. The price of these rice steamers is low but some are cheaper than others. You should compare prices of these 3 cup rice cookers before you make your final decision.

Compared to more expensive models there are less settings on the machines to cook different kinds of rice. This does not mean you can’t cook say, brown rice. Rather, if you do want to make anything other than regular white rice, then you will have to experiment a little with the quantity of water that you add. You may find that stirring the rice towards the end of the cooking process helps it to avoid sticking to the base of the cooking bowl.

For those of you looking for the best rice cooker deals then shopping on Amazon may save you a few dollars. They offer some of the best prices online and are usually cheaper than making your purchase at an electrical store.

If you are new to making your own rice then it may be a good idea to start off with a cheaper machine. It might turn out that you decide not to eat rice regularly after all. In which case buying a Zojirushi rice cooker would be a bit of a waste of money. On the other hand, they offer a great introduction to the world of making rice and in the future you may well decide to get a machine with more features.

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