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Sanyo ECJ-JG10W

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The cheapest place to buy a Sanyo ECJ-JG10W that I have found is Amazon. Sanyo’s list price is $499.99 but Amazon are offering a discount on this price. They offer great prices on a host of household electronics and rice cookers are no different. The ECJ-JG10W is Sanyo’s premium 5 1/2 cup rice cooker. It features both Induction Heating as well as variable pressure cooking. This accounts for its price tag. Rice cookers that have a pressure cooking function are able to cook the best rice. The difference between these kinds and regular Induction Heating rice cooking appliances is often hard for even the most experienced rice connoisseurs to notice. So it could certainly be argued that the pressure cooking option is a marketing ploy. However at the same time it does help to reduce cooking times slightly and also make the texture of rices that you make softer and fluffier. On top of this it is said that the rice becomes easier to digest. The Sanyo ECJ-JG10W along with the Zojirushi NP-HTC10 and NP-HTC18 are the current top of the range models that are sold in the United States and Canada. This means that they are also the most expensive rice cookers. If you are keen to find a machine that has the pressure cooking option but comes at a cheaper price then it might be worth looking at the Sanyo ECJ-PX50S. This is a stylish 5 1/2 cup rice cooker that has a nice stainless steel finish. The difference is that this model does not have the Induction Heating system so comes at about half the price.

The Sanyo ECJ-JG10W rice cooker has a host of notable features. It can actually be used as a steamer to prepare vegetables the healthiest way possible and comes with a special tray for steaming. Sanyo are of course a Japanese company and this model is made in Japan. The inner lid and steam vent are both removable to ensure the easiest cleaning possible. The inner cooking bowl has a copper coated exterior to ensure the most even heat distribution possible. The bowl is a thick 2.5 mm which also helps to guarantee optimal heat distribution. This machine can be used to prepare a host of different rices and has settings for white, rinse-free, haiga, brown, sprouted brown, sweet, mixed, sushi, wild and Dol Sot Bi Bim Bab (a Korean dish). It is a Japanese electronics of the highest quality and is best suited to people who will make rice regularly.

Of course, before you make a purchase of this size it is important to compare prices. We are confident that you will find that Amazon compares favorably to other online retailers which is one of the reasons we recommend them.

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