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Zojirushi bento lunch jar

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This article will discuss the Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless-Steel lined Lunch Jar that is available on Amazon. It is a cylindrical style bento box produced by the number one Japanese rice cooker manufacturer. As you may already know, bento is the Japanese word for lunch box. This stylish set allows you to create luxurious packed lunches using either Japanese or Western foods. The four containers provide adequate room for a healthy and satisfying meal.

Product description:

This bento is carried in a Thermos jar which has an un-insulated top made of plastic. This jar holds 4 separate plastic containers which are designed to hold separate dishes which is how the Japanese pack their lunch.

  • The container at the bottom is designed to carry a soup. It is an insulated bowl that has a screw on top which should help avoid accidents.
  • The container that sits on top of the soup bowl is the largest. It also has an insulated top but this one simply slides on and then locks as opposed to being of the screw on variety. The Japanese would use this container for their rice.
  • On top of this sits a smaller container which has a Tupperware type top that you push on and pull off. This would traditionally be used for the main okazu (accompanying dish).
  • The top container is the smallest and has the same top as the one below. The Japanese would often use this for a salad or for pickled vegetables.

Each of the containers fits snugly on top of each other within the stainless steel jar then everything is held in place by attaching the top which is clipped into place. The Mr. Bento jar comes with a nylon carrying bag as well as some chopsticks that are carried in a chopstick holding case.

Bento is a traditional Japanese packed lunch typically prepared by the woman of the house, even if she herself has a job!

While the Mr. Bento lunch jar is designed for a Japanese style lunch, it can also be used for Western style dishes as well. For example the soup dish does not have to carry miso soup. It can be for any kind you want. Then instead of rice in the third container you could easily use it for a pasta dish. The top two containers can really be used for whatever you fancy. Although it is worth bearing in mind that they are not insulated so may not be suitable for certain things. If you are using a good rice cooker wouldn’t it also be wise to use the best bento box?

These bento boxes work in perfect combination with Japanese rice cookers. You can read further customer reviews on Amazon.

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