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There are a host of different Zojirushi rice cookers for sale in the United States and Canada. The top of the line models that are available for purchase include the NP-HTC10, the NP-HTC18, the NP-HBC10,the NP-HBC18, the NP-KAC10, the NP-KAC18 and the NP-GBC05. Of course there are many more Zojirushi rice cookers than just these few. If you want to find one at a low cost then Amazon is a great place to look. The often have the lowest prices available online.

The three rice cookers pictured above are the NP-HTC10, the NS-XAC05XR Rizo and the NP-HBC10. The Rizo is a 3 cup rice cooker while the other two are 5.5 cup machines. This is an important consideration when you compare rice cookers. The price does not change too much if you buy the same product at a different size. What affects the price much more than size, is the level of rice cooker you decide to purchase. For example, if you buy a Zojirushi NS-LAC05, which is a three cup rice cooker, this is much cheaper than if you buy a Zojirushi NP-GBC05 which is also a 3 cup rice cooker. While the NS-TGC10 is a larger version of the NS-LAC05 and is only a bit more expensive, however is still much cheaper than the NP-GBC05. It may sound confusing, but when you look at the prices and pictures on Amazon as part of your rice cooker buying research, it will make more sense.

The majority of Zojirushi rice cookers on sale now a days are Micom rice cookers. If you want to know what Micom means then it is simply that the devices are controlled by a Micro Computer chip. This component controls the cooking time as well as temperature within the cooking bowl. There are some models that are not Micom machines such as the NS-PC10 the NS-RNC10 and the NHS-06 and you can expect to find these at much lower prices.

Of course, it is important to work out how much you can afford to spend on a rice cooker before you rush out and purchase one. My advice would be to stick to your budget. Also, establish which size machine best suits your needs, a 3 cup, a 5.5 cup or a 10 cup machine. These sizes feed up to five, ten and eighteen people respectively. This helps to narrow down your selection so it actually makes deciding which rice cooker to get a bit easier. Then within your budget, go for the most expensive one you can afford. Unless of course you want to be able to make cakes or risotto in your rice cooker. For cakes you want to choose either the NS-LAC05 or the NS-TGC10 while the only Zojirushi rice cooker that can cook risotto is the Rizo.

Make sure you compare the prices on Amazon. They may offer some special discounts so you may be able to get a great rice cooker deal. The fact that you are considering a Zojirushi machine means you are obviously after the best.

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